What is a Cube Sat?

Cubesats are small,inexpensive lightweight satellites. Many of the currently flying cubesats are literally cubes 10 cm on each side. They typically use commercially available parts, making them far less expensive than conventional satellites.

Cubesats are very popular satellites as educational tools. Many universities have have built and launched cubesats as student projects. Recently, two high schools have hosted cubesat projects, one of which launched from Wallops Island in 2013.

What do kids get from this program?

This project is for youth that want to really pursue the stretch goal, and who learn by trying things beyond the normal middle school and high school experience. The project will be a collaborative effort between the youth, their families, and the project mentors. In making SilverSat a reality, the participants will need to learn and use new skills in mechanical engineering, electronics, computer programing and math.

Not every participant needs to be a tech whiz, or even particularly interested in a technical discipline. Like every other engineering project, SilverSat will need participants to learn and do project organization, management, fundraising, and public outreach.

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